Don F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/03/24
Dr. Patel is an awesome doctor. Prior to seeing him I was suffering from a number painful issues with my feet. I have diabetes type 2; i had painful neuropathy day and night; particularly while i was in bed. He administered a series of nerve blocker injections targeted at the source of the pain in conjunction with a prescribed supplement specifically formulated for diabetic neuropathy. After the first round of injections I had already started to feel an improvement. I have stopped getting the injections over a year ago but still continue with the prescribed supplement. Dr. Patel also recommended that I speak to my endocrinologist about reducing one of my diabetes medication that might be effecting my neuropathy, which I did. I can say now that I am pain free from neuropathy and have regained surface sensations on the soles of my feet that were getting progressively numb. In addition to my diabetes issues, i also have severe arthritis in the big toe joint/bunion areas on both feet, where the joints are literally fused and the big toes do not bend. This condition was giving me severe pain at times, making walking difficult and painful. Dr. Patel designed an orthotic that compensated for the problem with the big toes. Walking now with the orthotics is completely pain free! I also see him on a regular basis to trim my nails, since this can be hazardous for diabetics to do on their own. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel for any foot issues!

Leela F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/03/24
Dr. Patel is awesome. Really. I can assure you that he is no ordinary foot doctor. I was searching for a podiatrist because I had developed an extremely painful case of plantar fasciitis. Initially, I wasn’t referred to Dr. Patel but first made an appointment with him based on the great reviews I saw for him. He made me custom orthotics, but even after my foot pain disappeared, I continued to go to Dr. Patel because I have always been prone to ingrown toenails and after visiting Dr. Patel on a regular basis, I no longer have this problem. He has literally trained my toes so they no longer become ingrown. He is amazingly knowledgeable, compassionate and – best of all – has terrific “bedside” manners! If you have any type of foot problems, Dr. Patel is The Best. I highly recommend him.

Nick S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 09/27/22
So I had a long and unexpected situation occur all the way back in early 2020 due to COVID and other complications. As a result I spent months immobilized in a hospital bed and as a result developed a drop foot with a severe case of neuropathy among other ailments. Slowly everything started to return back except for the lack of strength and mobility in my left foot. After going to several doctors and getting numerous tests done the results were not improving. At the referral of my physical therapist I went and saw Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel from my initial visit promised to work towards getting my left foot back up to standards. Between nerve blocks injections given, exercises and stretching the strength and flexibility started to come back in my left foot little by little which I did not have for quite so time. Dr. Patel was somewhat experimental in treating my drop foot and his suggestions, ideas and expertise got back the strength and flexibility I had all but lost. Currently Dr. Patel is treating me for a case of planter fasciitis which is still extremely painful but between the custom orthotics and other treatments being provided I am encouraged over time this to will improve. Dr. Patel has been excellent thus far in my treatment not only was he able to correctly identify the issue I had when I first came to see him but he’s extensive and detailed treatment program got my foot back to normal.

Princess D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/26/21
So, I rarely write reviews, but I had to share… Normally I would have gone to a Dr that was recommended my word of mouth or just go to where my Primary Dr says. This time I decided to do some research and find someone who would take care of my feet as if they were theirs. I low key became a private investigator lol. Every podiatrist I googled had 3-to-1-star reviews. I read them ALL. I was worried because my foot was in so much pain, walking became an issue, and I needed some relief ASAP. Then I saw Dr Rahul Patel. … 5-star reviews, all had positive things to say BUT was this too good to be true? Here is where I became being a low-key stalker, I read his bio, where he went to school, all the hospitals he worked at and all he had accomplished. Impressive!! I had to be sure that all I researched was real, so I booked the appointment online which was so easy to do by the way. A few days later, I get a call from Dr P himself, with his smooth R&B voice lol. It took me by surprise because normally we get a fed-up receptionist on a bad day wanting to confirm your appointment. He asked about my issue, made me laugh tons. His personality and phone mannerism were on point. He had me sold. Best part he had a cancellation for the next day. I went to the Manhattan Office for my first visit. Place is exceptionally clean and social distancing was done perfectly. Check in is done on a kiosk and super easy to do. Please be advised first visit is a long one about an hour. Dr P examined my walk, examined my stand, examined both feet and toes. PLANTAR FASCIITIS was my diagnosis. He explained it so well that I said man I have pretty feet in the outside, but they jacked up feet on the inside. He showed me stretches to do as well as new sneakers to purchase. I also purchased few other things he recommended and use them to help with the healing journey. This is ONLY my third visit and I see an improvement. From being in constant pain almost EVERYDAY and not being able to walk at all, to now having less pain, knowing how to stretch, wearing the proper footwear and with Dr P healing hands, my feet will love him forever. This is just the beginning stay tuned for the end results.

Kathryn Q.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/23/20
I was a new patient of Dr. Patel. I first heard of him from a friend in the gym, and when my foot began to bother me I looked him up on the computer and was impressed by the reviews he had received. My first visit entailed a comprehensive examination to my foot and a discussions as to what were my athletic goals. One thing that impressed me was his honesty. My symptoms pointed towards a neuroma and I was sent for an MRI and X-ray. Dr. Patel asked did I want to wait until the diagnosis was confirmed or start treatment. I chose to start the treatment. I received an injection to reduce swelling and promote healing. He then told me that a neuroma could take 2 months to heal and I was shut down for that period of time. I did not want to hear that but appreciated his honesty. Fast forward to actual diagnosis X-rays and MRI showed that I did not have neuroma but rather muscle edema. Orthotics and injections to reduce swelling would do the trick. In the end, there are only two words you need to remember. Problem Solved

Rebecca K.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/01/19
I first went to Dr. Patel in 2012, when I was suffering from heel pain (diagnosis: plantar fasciitis). I loved his upbeat personality, and really appreciated his ability to clearly explain both my condition and treatment options. After several visits, some stretching and shots, and a pair of orthotics, my heel pain became a distant memory. Fast forward five years and I visited Dr. Patel again, this time for chronic pain in the ball of my foot. Although the pain mimicked a common and easily treatable problem, Dr. Patel prescribed a conservative treatment regime while he ruled out other possibilities. In the end, I was found to have a torn plantar plate, and I was grateful that Dr. Patel took the time to diagnose me properly instead of treating me for the more common condition. After attempting to address the problem with non-invasive means, it was ultimately decided that I would need surgery to fix the tear. In the fall of 2017, I underwent a three-hour-long procedure, in which Dr. Patel both repaired my plantar plate and performed a much-needed bunionectomy. Part of the operation included the infusion of stem cells, harvested from a tiny amount of bone marrow, into the surgical site, to promote tissue repair and healing. Two years on, my plantar plate is fully healed and pain-free, and I’ve long resumed all activity that was curtailed by the injury. Dr. Patel was phenomenal throughout the entire ordeal, from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare. He patiently and thoroughly prepared me for every step of the process, always responded quickly to my questions and concerns, and was highly attentive to my comfort and needs. His rare combination of medical skill and personal empathy both engender confidence and make him a delight to spend time with. I highly recommend Dr. Patel for any and all foot conditions. In addition to being an amazing doctor he’s also a really nice guy! If you make an appointment, I promise you won’t regret it.

Maritza G.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 07/23/18
Dr Patel is very patient even while I was refusing to get the surgery done for my Plantar Fasiitis. He worked with me doing everything possible to keep me comfortable until I had no choice but to finally get it done. And not even an I told you so from him. I’ve recommended him to a few of my friends . And for all you single ladies he’s great eye candy lol.

Richard I.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/21/18
I have been seeing Dr. Patel for a number of years and I would not see any other podiatrist. Ever. He is talented, caring professional and his staff are friendly, helpful and wait time is minimal.

Junior F.
4/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/18/17

Miriam R.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/29/17
20 years of delivering mail the pain in my feet. Two years ago Dr. Patel performed Plantar fibroma surgery, and I have No Pain!!!!!!! I love Dr. P he is number one in my book!!!!!!

Karol A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/21/17
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Patel for quite sometime now. From the first day of my visit he really does make you feel like family. Dr. Patel is patient, thorough and most of all you get the feeling he cares about you and his business. Dr. Patel treated me for a wart that was growing underneath my foot which was causing me lots of pain while walking. He took the time to explain the best treatment in order to treat my wart. As a satisfy patient I recommended my mother (whom is diabetic) to Dr. Patel. He’s being treating her for diabetic neuropathy and honestly she has improve 100%. I recommend him to anyone dealing with foot issues!

Marisol X.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/17/17
Dr. Patel did my surgery a couple of years ago I had tailors bunion surgery. From the moment that I met him he made me feel really comfortable and answer all my questions. He was always available when I had a question regarding surgery and after surgery. Dr. Patel takes the time and consideration to get to know you personally, and is always accommodating to the patient’s needs. Great service, I highly recommend to anyone searching for a podiatrist.

Josh Y.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/07/17
Dr. Patel provides impeccable service and quality without fail, every time I’ve seen him. He provides great insight on all issues, and always provides alternatives which are best for my situation and condition. I enjoy seeing him personally, as I have met many podiatrists who seem to be rushing their patients out of the door. Dr. Patel takes the time and consideration to get to know you personally, and is always accommodating to the patient’s needs. Great service, and I look forward to healing my foot with Dr. Patel’s guidance.

Tyler M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 01/09/17
Dr. Patel is amazing! I had and continue to have a very positive and encouraging experience with Dr. Patel. I very much appreciated the time and patience he gave leading up to and following my bunion-ectomy operation. Highly recommend him!

Christina E.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 12/01/16
Went in pretty much expecting what I heard. But even so Dr Patel was thorough and easy to talk to and had a good sense of humor. Nice to come across a doc that enjoys his work. I left the visit feeling better, with a clear treatment plan and reasonable expectations and goals. Looking forward to future visits.

Michael A.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 11/22/16
Dr. Patel is professional and a people’s doctor who listens to patients needs and concerns.

Edward S.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/26/16
Dr Patel is helpful and experienced I feel much better He gave me injections and sent for th test Other two doctors didn’t try to solve my problem

Milos P.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/20/16
Highly recommend Dr. Patel. Very pleasant and doesn’t rush to diagnose the problem and provide treatment.

5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 10/13/16
Amazing! I took my teenage daughter to Dr. Rahul Patel for a visit, staff was courteous and friendly. Office appointment was on time. After the visit with Dr. Patel my daughter says to me ” Hey mom Dr. Patel is really cool I like the visit with him, he made me feel comfortable”. Now when do you find a teenager telling you she enjoyed a doctors appointment and asks you when we have to go back.. I heard Great things about Dr. Patel prior to our visit. But nothing compares the Great professional experience once you go.

Joan M.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 08/16/16
Dr Patel was kind and thorough. I did not feel rushed.He solved my initial problem and gave me very good additional information.

Jose F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/28/16
Amazing person, he treats you well, if you need anything he will help you with it, I highly recommend going to him

Shariff D.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/28/16
Dr. Patel is great.

Nadine H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 06/16/16
Dr.Rahul Patel is the doctor you always hoped you would find for the ultimate patient/doctor experience! I need diabetic foot care and I had had a horrible experience with my previous podiatrist. Finding Dr.Patel was a godsend! From his considerable knowledge and innovative methods of treatment to his compassionate care and amiable foot-side manner, he has provided me with exceptional service! My feet are so happy to have him…and so am I.

Luisa L.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/31/16
On February 2016 I sprained my ankle which was not properly diagnosed in a walk-in urgent care facility, I wish I had seen Dr. Patel first! He diagnosed it very quickly, offered short term and long term solutions, plus the overlook of what’s to come on the next few weeks. Dr. Patel provided reassurance on the course of treatment, he sent me for a couple of X rays to complete his diagnose. He took the time to review and approve the air cast I needed, made great recommendations, instructions and provided plenty of options for my ankle through the treatment. He was patient, friendly, knowledgeable and informative but overall very professional. The follow up visits gave me pace of mind for my anxiousness and uncertainty. He’s easy to talk to, confident and funny. Helpful even after I completed my treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Patel he loves what he does and he’s always on time on his appointments.

Kristine H.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 05/12/16
Dr. Patel was excellent. Highly recommend!

Yanira F.
5/5 Star Rating
Submitted 03/21/16
Dr. Patel first operated on my mother about five years ago and due my mother’s situation I am glad to share he and the rest of the staff at the office made it an ideal experience. Professionalism, efficiency and a great sense of humor are all present in his work. He then treated me for an injury in my right foot and never hesitated to make sure I was well but knew when to put his expertise first and my requests second. Within a few weeks I was walking normally and I can say I am extremely happy Dr. Patel stepped in and assisted in the recuperation of that injury. In addition, not too long ago I reached out to him (on his birthday weekend) for a second opinion my current situation and within minutes of me reaching out to him, my inquiries were answered while he celebrated life on a Saturday. I continue to work with him and look forward to putting this injury behind as well. So if you want to have great care along with professionalism, efficiency and humor; he is the podiatrist to visit ASAP. Don’t waste any more time by looking for another.