As we are approaching the beginning of Spring, I have plenty of patients, particularly runners, who ask me the age-old question “What is the best sneaker out there?”

Generally speaking, I recommend New Balance and Asics but there are so many models out there how is one supposed to choose?! Usually one won’t go wrong selecting any model from these 2 brands but I do highly recommend the New Balance 993 for most runners and even folks who just want a sneaker for casual usage.

I personally wear these sneakers and they are the best pair I have ever owned.  The sneaker features the patented ABZORB® DTS (Dynamic Transition System) which combines ABZORB® foam and ABZORB® SBS to provide optimal cushioning and a smooth transition on heel strike.  What does this all mean?  It means that it is less dense than foam (thus lighter than most shoes) and provides greater cushioning and shock absorption over a longer period of time vs other sneakers that do not have this technology.  It also decreases pronation velocity which in turn stabilizes flatfoot deformities and alleviates discomfort associated with it (pronation is directly related to a flatfoot – I will discuss this in a future blog).  Because it is such a good foot stabilizer and controls the amount of movement of the foot in the shoe, it also cuts down on the number of ankle injuries which for runners, is key.

The New Balance 993 has a few key components which make it one of the best stabilizing running shoes if not THE best stabilizing running shoe on the market (better than its predecessors the 991 and 992) and is also an excellent sneaker for casual walking.  To date, I have not had a single person return to my office unhappy after purchasing a pair of these and can confidently recommend them to you as well.

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Rahul Patel DPM

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